1. Do I have to give my credit card information to reserve a cab?

    - No, you are not required to give your credit card information. Simply fill in a Reservation Form on our website.   

2.  If I pay inside the car, do you take an imprint of my card?

    - No, we process cards through Square, which keeps your information private!

3.  Can we reserve a cab for extremely early hours??

     - Yes, and in fact we specialize in early morning pickups! But for early morning pickups, we advise you make a reservation at least the night before. We are open 24 hours a day to serve your travel needs.

4.  Can I prepay for someone else's taxi trip?

     - Yes, you may prepay for another person's trip by calling our 214-434-4356 and we will process the payment over the phone.

5. Can I prepay for a trip that I want to reserve?

     - Yes, just call  214-434-4356 and we will process the payment over the phone.

6.  Must we prepay all trips?

     - No, you can simply pay the driver after you get the service.

7. Can I get a receipt for my payment?

    -  Yes, we can give you a receipt after you pay in the cab, or we can send you an email or a text receipt.

8.  What type of Vehicles do you have?

     - We have been adding more types of vehicles to our fleet. Currently, we have 3 types of vehicles:

1. Mini-Vans - 6 Passengers [Dodge Grand Caravan 2014 or later]
2. Full Van - 11 Passengers [Ford E-350 Super Duty 2014 or Later]
3. SUV - 6 Passengers [Chevy Suburban 2014 or later]

9.  How many passengers can your taxi accommodate?

     - Our mini-vans and SUVs accommodate 6 passengers comfortably, with seat belts and plenty of room for luggage in the back. Our full vans accomodate 11 passengers and huge room for luggage in the back.

10.  Do you arrive "On Time" like your company name says you will?

     - Yes, our reputation for early and "On Time" arrivals is extremely high and you are welcome to check our customer reviews on Yelp, Google , Anglie's List and any search engine you use.

We welcome any questions you may have.  Please give us a CALL or TEXT US at 214-434-4356 and we will get back with you very quickly.